Why I Volunteer

"I started volunteering with the C.C.C.F. in 2015 after being asked by a friend.  Little did I know what a difference doing so would make.  Part of my responsibility was processing the applications for funding.  One time I met with a caregiver that was having difficulty processing the bills for his father, so I helped him figure out how we could help him.  At the end of our session I had the privilege of praying with him.  He left with a sense of relief.

Being able to help alleviate some of the burden of the caregiver of a Cancer Patient is a rewarding feeling.  Volunteering for this organization has given me joy that stays for a lifetime." ~ a C.C.C.F. Volunteer

How Saturday unfolds:

We need all kinds of help on Saturday. If you can give even just an hour, it would be helpful!

**Here's part of the schedule: **

7:30a - 9:00am - Help setting up tables and chairs

10 am - luminaria fill

12p - 3 extra people to set up spots

4:00 p - All vehicles must stop from entering Gateway

5:00 - 10:00

  1. sale and pick-up T shirts
  2. raffle ticket

6:30 luminaria lighting

10pm - midnight: teardown/reset


A reliable source tells us that there are some VERY exciting prizes to be claimed through some great raffles:

Thanks for participating and volunteering!